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From small gravel to large decorative stone, Osgoode Sand & Gravel offers a large selection of stone that will fit your needs perfectly. Whether it’s to fill the surface of a dog run or driveway or if you need boulders for landscaping or a retaining wall, we can get you what you need.

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Material List

Crushed Limestone: Available Upon Request

River Stone: Available Upon Request

Large and Small Decorative Stones: Available Upon Request


Granular A Gravel / G A Gravel Road

Granular A Gravel

Our Granular a gravel is screened and crushed to 7/8 inch.

It is ideal for top dressing roadways, laneways, and pathways. Our Granular A packs very well and can be driven on immediately after. It can also be used as a sub grade under asphalt or concrete.

Granular B Gravel

Granular B Gravel

Our Granular B gravel is screened and crushed up to 4 inches in diameter.

It is a mixture sand and gravel and due to its ability to pack well, the main use of this material is to prepare a road or driveway for the Granular A or final grade.

Pit Run

Pit Run

Our pit run is taken right from the bank and ranges in size from 1/8th inch to 6 inch. It is a sand and stone mixture that makes for excellent fill.

Crushed Limestone

Crushed Limestone

We offer a wide variety of crushed limestone from lime dust to blasted rock. Please call our office for details.

Types of crushed limestone gravel bottom page right

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